QLNZ Patented technology combining water generation through air condensation and water recycling.


Our Features

Compact combo unit - 2X2 feet space

Generator + Recycling

Soft water ideal for laundry

Less usage of detergents

Keeps whites white and colours bright

How QLNZ Works

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Our Benefits


Laundry process consumes 1000s of litres of water. Qlnz technology helps run a water neutral laundry

Ideal Water

Generates the ideal water required for laundry with right TDS and softness, ensuring whites are whiter and colours are brighter during wash

No Constraint

While starting a laundry you dont have the constraint of looking for space with water and sewage facility

Zero Pollution

Water is recycled upto 95% and the organic residue can be used as manure for plants or disposed. It is 100% pollution free.

Compact Unit

Qlnz unit is compact and can fit into a 2 feet by 2 feet space thereby making water generation and water recycling within your unit