Dhobi Partnership Program

The spark started with a thought that we should not compete with the Dhobi community. We engrained it in our value system and our social policy that Wassup will do all that it can to "ELEVATE and not eliminate the DHOBI". Through this program Wassup is proud to integrate and support Dhobi community through its business model in the following ways:

  • Modernise their dhobi shops and give them a facelift.
  • Give them incremental revenue with Dry Clean business as they become Wassups collection agents.
  • Provide them a social identity and standing which they currently lack by making them a part of a larger corporate.
  • Provide insurance upto 1 lakh for each Dhobi Partner.
  • Counselling sessions for Dhobis suffering from Alcohol addiction.
  • Life skills and educational counselling for their kids.
  • Dhobi scholarship fund for dhobis childrens education.
  • Help them modernise their setup.
  • Provide opportunity for them to expand their operations through micro finance

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