At Wassup, we realize that our customers have less time in the day to complete all their errands. That’s why we have started offering pickup and delivery dry cleaning and laundry services directly from residential buildings and businesses.

If you are the owner or management staff of an apartment building, you could provide your tenants with the added luxury of having their dry cleaning and laundry picked up right from the front desk. We provide two day turnaround and great customer service. We believe that providing this luxury service will be an additional selling point for potential and current tenants.


One of our most requested services is the pickup and delivery of laundry and dry cleaning at local businesses. Give your employees an added bonus by having their dry cleaning picked up right from the office. We provide group and/or individual billing and will tailor other aspects of our service to fit your needs and budgets. Let Wassup free up more time for your employees to work on that last minute deal! If you would like Wassup to start serving your corporate campus or residence please fill out the form below. You can also call Toll Free No: +1800-3000-9969 to call us for an enquiry.

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